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I feel Always Sad !

Once there was a small village. All the peoples in the village were happy and content. Every day, a young shepherd from the village used to take his flock of sheep to graze in the nearby forest. One afternoon he was resting under a tree in the forest. Suddenly something shiny in the bush caught […]

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Health is Wealth – Tips

Imagine this scene: A student worked day and night to prepare himself for the exams. He followed his routine and did everything necessary for a good result. But just before the examination, he got sick. After doing some physical tests, the doctor declared that he had kidney infection and advised for a complete bed rest. […]

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For a Stress-free Student Life

Do you worry about studying more than you actually study? Lots of student spends more time on worrying / distressing that they are not studying or not doing the right things. Do not create pressure on yourself by worrying about studies all the time. A research conducted by Harvard Business School found that a person […]

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10 Ways to Stop Delaying in Study

The Ten ways below are especially for the students who are responsible for their own delaying of Studies. Anyone can get the benefits by following these tips. All the tips has been collected from the Quantum Method website, you can visit the web portal for more tips and guidelines. 1. Strengthen Your Belief: Prof. Piers […]

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