For a Stress-free Student Life


Do you worry about studying more than you actually study? Lots of student spends more time on worrying / distressing that they are not studying or not doing the right things.

Do not create pressure on yourself by worrying about studies all the time. A research conducted by Harvard Business School found that a person acquires only 15% of his qualification and skills from school, college or university education. The other 85% comes from the School of Life.

If Winston Churchill could be the Prime Minister of Britain even after failing repeatedly in school, then your life won’t be over if you don’t do that well in one exam. A super student studies to gain knowledge. Good result is just it’s by product.

There is no use competing with others. No matter how well you do, there will always be someone somewhere who did better. So compete with yourself instead of others. If you get 70% mark in the 1st term, try to get more in the 2nd term exam. That’s a stress-free way to improve for students.

Instead of creating stress by thinking ‘How will I ever finish all this in such a short time?’ sit down with a pen and paper and make a study plan. Then start your work. The more things you would cover, the less stressed you will be. Remember, procrastination is a big reason for stress.

Studying is important for life but it is not whole life. So, besides learning from books, try to learn from the real world too. Try to help in household chores. Do the weekly grocery shopping yourself. Try to spend some time in the Quantum Foundation or other such organization you prefer at least one day a week if you can. Tell a friend about Charity Bank or Sadaka Healing. You’ll notice the difference yourself.


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