Health is Wealth – Tips


Imagine this scene: A student worked day and night to prepare himself for the exams. He followed his routine and did everything necessary for a good result. But just before the examination, he got sick. After doing some physical tests, the doctor declared that he had kidney infection and advised for a complete bed rest. Wasn’t all his hard work and preparation meaningless?

If you take care of your health you will always have energy and enthusiasm. Your mind will be clear and tranquil. You will find everything easier to concentrate and remember. You will be able to work continuously for a few nights or walk a long distance without feeling tired. A truly healthy person never gets stressed or depressed. He is always active and energetic.

Thus although good health starts with the body, its effect is also on the mind. This is why it is especially important to develop the following healthy habits in order to become a successful student.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables:
Fruits and vegetables are known as sources of instant energy as they are digested easily and quickly in our stomach. The amount of energy in one banana is equal to the amount of energy you need to play 5 sets of tennis. Not only that, research shows that vegetables rich with vitamin B, such as  spinach and other dark leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, strawberries, melons, black beans and other legumes, citrus fruits, soybeans etc. actually improve our memory. So add lots of fruits and vegetables to your everyday menu.

Take Proteins:
Proteins have an important role in the development of human brain. So try to take food containing protein. Eat one egg every day. Lentils contain a lot of protein. So have lentils regularly in good amount. Your immune system will become stronger.

Eat Nuts:
Eat nuts regularly, you can get lots of protein and vitamin from nuts. There are many types of nuts available in the market. Try them out.

Take a Heavy Breakfast:
Always try to take a heavy breakfast. Because after a gap of average 10 hours of sleep, our body is best prepared to receive food. So avoid taking light food or rushing off after a cup of coffee in the morning. Have a full meal or a heavy breakfast.

Eat Frequently in Small Amounts:
If a heavy meal makes you feel drowsy, then eat frequently in little amounts. But do not go on a crash diet. Everyone’s body is unique. So, it is meaningless to desperately try to attain an ‘ideal’ shape or size. Eat in moderate amounts but make sure you have adequate nutrition.

Try to avoid Junk Food:
Avoid junk food, fast food and soft drinks. These foods are hard to digest them and therefore can make you tired and lethargic and it also decreases your concentration level at work or study. The spices and chemical ingredients which are used in these processed foods also have a harmful effect on human body. Finally, research shows that children who are given a lot of processed food even have lower IQs than those who are given healthy food.

Drink Lots of Water:
Two-third of our body is composed of water. Water helps to purify our blood and digest of food. Lack of water can cause constipation, headache, laziness and drowsiness. So, try to drink 6-7 glass of water every day, even if you do not get thirsty.

Do Exercise regularly:
Physical activity is very important for a healthy life. Try to do exercise and walk daily. Research shows that walking only 30 minutes everyday can improve your memory. Lead an active life. Take part in household chores. Do all your work yourself. Practice Bojrashon, The Lotus (Poddashon) and  The Cow (Gomukhashon) because these three Quantum Yoga postures will help you to increase your concentration level will also make your memory sharp.

Daily 6 to 7 hrs of sleep is enough for a student. Make a habit of rising early in morning. You’ll get more time to complete all the work for the day.


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