Do You Give Up Easily ?


Dear student, here is a small test for you to determine whether you give up easily or not. Just answer the following questions by placing a tick on the option that describes you best, write down the number of YES or NO in a paper and see the result at the below of the post.

  • Do you believe in yourself?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • When you know others are wrong, can you stand up against them?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Is your goal clear to you?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Do your actions reflect your beliefs?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Are you aware of your shortcomings?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Do you finish the tasks you start?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Can you get over your frustration and disappointment quickly?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Can you adapt easily to new things?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Do you think you are fit and energetic?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Do you think your friends and family are helpful for achieving your goal?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Do you believe that problems always come with new opportunities?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Adversities help develop talent and qualities. Do you agree?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Do you get easily irritated if things don’t go the way you want them to?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Do you always seek out the positive people and things in your surroundings?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Are you brave enough to take risks?  Yes  –  Somewhat No
  • Are you content as long as you get by without much trouble?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Do others turn to you in their problems and difficulties?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Do you keep on trying through alternate means until you do what you had set out to do?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Do you give up easily in the face of an obstacle?  Yes  –  Sometimes No
  • Do you believe hard work, perseverance and self restraint are essential for achieving success?  Yes  –  Somewhat No


Now find the Result:

  • If you answered `YES’ less than 10 times, then you need to develop your inner strength. Find out your hidden talents and virtues. Try to develop them. You’ll surely succeed and achieve your Goal.
  • If it’s between 11 to 15, then you are in a good position. Try to consolidate this attitude.
  • If it’s between 16 to 20, then you are a true example of being resolute and confident. Always maintain this attitude.

Thanks a lot.

Source: Quantum Method

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