Ground Zero – The Principle of Success


Our Liberation War (Bangladesh in 1971) is the most glorious episode in our national history. Not only we did attain our independence amazingly quickly, but we set an example of unity, compassion and sacrifice that was unprecedented.

Yet, immediately after the war was over, the picture was starkly different. The nation that was together striving towards a common goal, willing to make any sacrifice for it, suddenly became divided, confused, and corrupt. Why?

The reason is that we did not have a new Vision or Monchhobi to replace the old one. We knew that we wanted independence. But we were not sure about what we wanted next.

All too often, in personal and national lives, we become complacent after achieving a success. We set a goal, achieve it, and think we will live ‘happily every after’ like in fairy tales. As a result, we cannot hold on to success, we start going backwards.

The student who had brilliant results in school, college and university fails to make any significant contribution in life. The businessman who once had a best-selling product goes out of business a few years later.

But those who are truly successful never stop. As soon as they achieve one goal, they set for the next one. This is the secret of success of successful people. This is also the secret of success of the multinationals ruling the world. Consider Microsoft for example. First they made Windows 93, then Windows 98, then Windows 2000, then XP, Vista and now Windows 7 and so on. When one product is being launched the next is already in the pipeline.

This is the Ground Zero Principle of Success.

The term ground zero became familiar after the destruction of the twin towers in USA. Ground zero is an empty space, a space where there is nothing, a space which is waiting for something new to arise.

Whatever our present condition is, that is our ground zero.

To some it might be a state of failure. You might have tried to get a job but failed. That is your ground zero. Someone might have incurred a loss in his business – that is his ground zero. Someone might have just had an argument with his wife – that is his ground zero. Someone might be facing a challenging situation – say a tricky lawsuit – that is his ground zero. Not doing well in exam, not being able to study in the subject of choice might be someone else’s ground zero.

For others, it might be a state of success. They might have gotten a job, made profits in their business or done well in their exams. That is their ground zero.

The ground zero principle for success states that whatever your present condition is, you have to treat is as a ground zero, i.e. a foundation on which you will create a new success. If you haven’t been successful yet, you must have belief and a vision so that you can build success on this empty space. On the other hand, if you have had success in the past, you must treat your success as a base for new advancement, and start striving towards a new goal.

Because success is not a destination, it is a journey. If you stop, others will get ahead. But if you continue the journey, you will become immortal.

Source: Quantum Method


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