Looking for a Job? Some Common Problems and Solutions!


How can one get a job in these bad times? There is such shortage of jobs and the competition in the Job market is too high! Actually, the problem is not only the shortage of jobs, but the shortage of skills. You don’t believe it?

Let give you an example: There are lots of mid level managerial posts in garments and other industries in Bangladesh. But all these posts are filled by some foreigners because there aren’t enough Bengalis with managerial skills. If you can develop your skills, you will get those jobs.

One more thing, Don’t think that the posts advertised in the paper are the only jobs available in the market. The truth is most jobs are never advertised. So decide early what field you want to work in, develop your skills in that field, and try to get in touch with people who work in that field. You will get a job.

Most of the jobs require at least 3 years experience. How will I ever get experience if no one gives me a job? Job advertisements may say an applicant needs at least 3 years experience, but the truth is, the people who get the jobs are often not the ones with the experience.

Then who gets the job? The one who can impress the selection board in the interview.

And how do you impress the selection board? By having confidence in yourself.

Let us tell you a story.
Birbal, the clever and witty advisor to the Mughal Empire Akbar, was invited by a neighboring king to visit his kingdom. When Birbal entered the court, he was amazed to see seven men dressed like kings standing in a line. Since Birbal had never met the king before, he had no way of telling which one was the real king. He realized that the king was testing him. So he looked carefully at the men, then went and bowed in front of the second from the left, and said, ‘Greetings, Your Highness!’ Amazed, the king asked him how could tell who the real king was. ‘Simple, Your Highness’, replied Birbal. ‘The other six kept looking at you to see what you would do. Only you looked straight ahead.’

So no matter what you wear, what your hair style is, people can always assume by your body language whether you have confidence or not. So have faith in yourself. Ask yourself; are you confident that you will be able to handle the responsibilities of the post? If you do, you will be the one to get the job, even if you say ‘I don’t know’ like a parrot the whole interview.

I dropped so many CVs but I didn’t get a job. My friend got a job because of his ‘connections’! This is unfair! The reality is, all over the world, the majority of posts are filled through references, not by dropping CVs. This is especially true for high responsibility jobs. So do not be jealous of another person’s connections, rather consider networking an essential career skill. And you don’t need an influential ‘uncle’ to build up a network. As long as we build our confidence in our work, we can build social networks too, no matter what social background we come from.

I had better results than X, but he got the job and I didn’t. This is unfair! In order to get a job, we need many things besides good results. These include confidence, good appearance, and boldness, i.e. qualities that will help us impress the selection board and convince them that we can do the job. So rather than being frustrated, try to build up these qualities, you will get a job too!

I am getting job offers but the pay is too low. I think I should wait until I get one with satisfactory pay. If you keep waiting for a job with a high salary, you may be waiting for a long time. It is much better to accept the best offer you have, even it does not pay much. You have better chances of being offered a job if you already have one.

Also, some jobs may not pay well in the beginning, but have excellent prospects for the future, or may be perfect spring boards for certain careers. For example, after Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, he could have joined a high-profile law firm with a six-figure salary like most of his class-mates. Instead, he joined a firm that had much lower pay, but where there was good opportunity to make political connections. And look at where he is now!

So do not be desperate for financial success. It will come at the right time.


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