FIVE Common Shots to Failure !


All of us want to be successful and a better career in our life. But, most of us seem to be unable to do that. To build a better and successful career first we need to know about the barriers, obstacles or the negative attitudes or thoughts that always push ourselves backward. Below are some causes that are not helpful yet to build a better career.

Follow the common Trends:
Many of us think that for a successful career, I must be a doctor or engineer or have an MBA degree, because these are the careers considered most respectable or attractive in our society. If we can’t be those things we consider ourselves failures and become frustrated. The truth is, since the posts for doctors, engineers and MBA holders are limited; not everyone can be those things or whatever is currently considered the most prestigious job in your society. Even lesser people will be a top doctor, engineer or business executive, because the number of positions at the top is even less. And what is considered prestigious or ‘in demand’ today, is often out of fashion tomorrow.

Similarly, many of us believe that we must have a degree from a university at any cost, otherwise we won’t be respectable. We are ready to study subjects that we are not interested in, that teach us outdated theories and concepts that are not relevant in today’s world. They do not even help us to earn a living, unless of course we become teachers in the same subject. But, the truth is no honest work is demeaning. If, instead of thinking about what others will say, you choose a career based on what gives you joy, what you are good at, and how you can serve best, nothing will be able to stop your success. And if you invest time in gaining skills or knowledge that will be useful, instead of just getting a degree for a degree’s sake, you will be rewarded in the long run.

We don’t want to take Risks:
Many of us think that having a government or secured job is always a good career option because it has more security and tenure. We don’t realize that looking for security in jobs often means sacrificing independence, fulfillment and ultimate success. Many tenure jobs do not pay that much, either. In any case, looking for security in life is a futile exercise since life itself is not permanent. So be brave. Do not be afraid of having to prove yourself. That is the way you will develop the most.

We want to Make Money Fast:
To many of us success means earning a lot of money in a short time and with little effort. We refuse job offers because the starting salary is not as much as we want. This attitude can only bring frustration, because there are no short cuts to career success. In most professions one needs to struggle and prove one’s self in the beginning. Those who reach the top of their professions, such as CEOs of multinationals, are usually workaholics or they love their job. In both cases, they work extremely hard and often sacrifice other areas of their life for doing so. So it is better to be prepared.

We want to be a clerk, Not a Manager:
We have inherited this attitude from the colonial era, when the British created a class of ‘most obedient servants’ to help them rule over the country. We still depend on others to give us a job, and we want to do exactly what they tell us to do, no more, no less. We are afraid of making our own decisions and being responsible for them. But if we can break out of this fear, and adopt an independent career, such as building our own company or service organization, life can be extremely rewarding.

We never try to Serve others:
If you think earning a lot of money, fame and power will bring you happiness, you may be surprised. Both depression and suicide rates are high amongst CEOs around the world. Reaching the top does not guarantee your inner satisfaction. Evidence suggests that people whose professions involve helping others are the ones most satisfied with their jobs, and are happier than people in other kinds of job. So instead of just reaching the top, think of how you can serve others and you will get both happiness and success.

source: Quantum Method

Thanks a lot for reading.

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