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Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 15

Hello Readers, How are you ? This is the 15th no of post about collection of Positive Attitude Quotes. Seasonal fruits help prevent seasonal diseases. I will eat seasonal fruits regularly. I will try to give up spicy, oily and fried food. Whenever I get the chance I will breathe fully with my chest expanded. […]

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Guided Imagery or Goal Visualization or Monchhobi

Birds start flying from his nest in the morning and in the evening a bird reaches its destination or come back to its own home by flying on its wings. You can also reach the root of your success by flapping the wings of your visualization (monochobi)! The word Monchobi (in bangla) which is called […]

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Meditation Changes the Structure of Human Brain

Hello Readers, How are you today ? Wish this post is going to help you a little ! What makes us the way we are ? Why each of us is unique ? What makes some of us introspective and others outgoing; some of us pragmatic and others dreamy; some of us careful about every […]

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More Concentration on your Study

My Study, My Happiness. This is a very good saying. But unfortunately, only a few boys or girls in the whole class can say this and rest of them are unable to say this kind or Saying. That is because they don’t find enjoyment or pleasure in their studies. They always study to pass the […]

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