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FIVE Ways to Win People’s Hearts

Most of our problems and complaints with other are related to our relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get along with all the people in our lives? The truth is, like most areas of our life, better relationships also require attention and some skills. These FIVE things may seem insignificant, but they can […]

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Do You Give Up Easily ?

Dear student, here is a small test for you to determine whether you give up easily or not. Just answer the following questions by placing a tick on the option that describes you best, write down the number of YES or NO in a paper and see the result at the below of the post. […]

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Win People’s Heart with Honesty and Kindness

You can be first in class on your own. But in order to be first in life you need the help and support of other people. And the only way to achieve this is honesty and kindness. Unless you are a good human being, unless you have a good heart, all your degrees, awards and […]

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Do you really want to Do Well ?

You may be thinking, ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I want to do well. Who doesn’t?’ Most of us want to do well, but we do not go beyond just wanting. We want to hang out with our friends, spend time on Facebook, watch television, listen to music, play computer games, do […]

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Quantum Wave: A Belief and a Reality – Mahajataq

In the beginning there was only belief. This belief was in the infinite promise of every human being; in the innovative genius of the brain, the tireless work-capacity of the body, the persistent endeavor of the mind, the pure potential of the spirit, and the infinite benevolence of God. We believed that every human being […]

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Medicine for Disease or Disease from Medicine ?

Hello Readers, How are you? This post is another article from the quantum method foundation’s website. Lots of interesting articles have been published in the official web portal of the organization. I am sharing with you some of those articles in this blog which I usually found interesting. Here it is: You have probably heard […]

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100 Benefits you can get from Quantum Method

Really 100 of benefits, we can get from Quantum Method Meditation. I am a Quantum Graduate, though I am at the beginning and learning this famous Meditation method. But I have already started getting some of these benefits. This is the starting, and I wish that I will keep it up. Dear readers, In this […]

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PROGGA JALALI – A Program about Wisdom and to be Wise !

Today I attended in a regular monthly Spiritual workshop / program organized by Quantum Foundation. Started at 9.00 am, Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq presented the whole workshop till 4.15 pm. At the starting Majee Nahar El Bukhari started the event with a relaxation meditation. Today was the 1st part of the 10-parts series program […]

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