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For a Stress-free Student Life

Do you worry about studying more than you actually study? Lots of student spends more time on worrying / distressing that they are not studying or not doing the right things. Do not create pressure on yourself by worrying about studies all the time. A research conducted by Harvard Business School found that a person […]

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I work so Hard but still I can’t do Well !

If this is true, then the gap between your effort and your result is probably caused by the exam. May be you are not performing well enough in the exams. Find out what you are doing wrong. Is your handwriting bad? Do you make spelling and grammar mistakes? Do you memorize the material without properly […]

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I am Not a Brilliant, I am an Average !

Let me ask you a question. Who is better? a Rabbit, or a Tortoise? At the first, you may think, ‘Of course Rabbit’. But if you think deeply, you’ll understand that tortoise is better. The rabbit can be fast but through steady effort, the slow tortoise always reaches the goal first. So if you think […]

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How to Get Rid of Exam Phobia !

To most of us exams are worse than Chinese torture. Believe it or not there are people out there who can’t wait to take an exam and prove themselves. If this is unbelievable, think of what you know you are good at and how you feel when you have a chance to demonstrate that skill. […]

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