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Do you really want to Do Well ?

You may be thinking, ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I want to do well. Who doesn’t?’ Most of us want to do well, but we do not go beyond just wanting. We want to hang out with our friends, spend time on Facebook, watch television, listen to music, play computer games, do […]

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Quantum Wave: A Belief and a Reality – Mahajataq

In the beginning there was only belief. This belief was in the infinite promise of every human being; in the innovative genius of the brain, the tireless work-capacity of the body, the persistent endeavor of the mind, the pure potential of the spirit, and the infinite benevolence of God. We believed that every human being […]

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Gift of a Smile

Have you ever seen someone who smiles all the time? Have you noticed that when you see that person you start to smile yourself- whether you know him personally or not? Has it ever happened to you? Well it happened with me all the time. There I was, deeply focused on, or rather specifically bombarded […]

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Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 7

Positive Attitude Quotes from the Collection of Autosuggestion by Gurujee Shahid El-Bukhari Mahajataq, the Pioneer of the famous Meditation technique “Quantum Method“. Keep on reading regularly, these positive attitude quotes or autosuggestion will definitely help you to think everything positively. I never hesitate to say, ‘I don’t know.’ I will consciously refrain from criticizing anyone […]

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The Path of True Freedom – by Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq

False beliefs and notions always limit our infinite Capacity and Potential. Even though every human child is born with infinite possibilities, s/he gradually becomes caged by the false beliefs and ideas prevalent in his familiar, social and national surroundings. He thinks what his environment teaches him to think and does what it tells him to […]

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