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For a Stress-free Student Life

Do you worry about studying more than you actually study? Lots of student spends more time on worrying / distressing that they are not studying or not doing the right things. Do not create pressure on yourself by worrying about studies all the time. A research conducted by Harvard Business School found that a person […]

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Be Reponsible for your Own Health

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that sound health is the greatest gift from Allah for the mankind. We know sound health is the first pillar to a peaceful life. And serenity is the most important constituent for a good health. For a sound health and mind, the appropriate concept about and the right […]

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Who is the best Doctor and Which one is the best Pharmacy ?

How are you ? What about your health ? Have doctors, medicine or surgeries failed to restore your health or failed to cure your illness ? Don’t worry! You don’t need to give up. The power is within you to recover your lost health because the best Doctor is your Mind and the best Pharmacy […]

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