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SIX Networking Tips to build a Better Network

You see an advertisement for a job in the newspaper, you apply for the job. You have all the right qualifications, you are happy with your performance in the interview. You are preparing to celebrate the new job. Then you hear someone else has got the job. It is someone ‘the boss’ knows. You became […]

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Do You Give Up Easily ?

Dear student, here is a small test for you to determine whether you give up easily or not. Just answer the following questions by placing a tick on the option that describes you best, write down the number of YES or NO in a paper and see the result at the below of the post. […]

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Win People’s Heart with Honesty and Kindness

You can be first in class on your own. But in order to be first in life you need the help and support of other people. And the only way to achieve this is honesty and kindness. Unless you are a good human being, unless you have a good heart, all your degrees, awards and […]

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The Truth about Charity

All of us could enrich our lives with the rewards of sincere charity, but these common misconceptions keep us from doing so: It is my income; I have the right to do whatever I want with it! We may think so, but all the great religions of the world state otherwise. For example, the Quran […]


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