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Laughter is the Best Medicine !

Laugh! Burst out laughing! Laugh from the core of your heart, with the warmth of your heart. Laugh like Ho Tei. Ho Tei was a Japanese saint, a preacher of Buddhism. His method of teaching was “laughter”, only laughter. He wandered around from place to places, from village to villages. In a place in the […]

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Be Reponsible for your Own Health

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that sound health is the greatest gift from Allah for the mankind. We know sound health is the first pillar to a peaceful life. And serenity is the most important constituent for a good health. For a sound health and mind, the appropriate concept about and the right […]

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Medicine for Disease or Disease from Medicine ?

Hello Readers, How are you? This post is another article from the quantum method foundation’s website. Lots of interesting articles have been published in the official web portal of the organization. I am sharing with you some of those articles in this blog which I usually found interesting. Here it is: You have probably heard […]

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