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Quantum Method Meditation course – 3rd day

Almost 11 (eleven) hours of class today, from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm ! And finally the class ended up with an exciting meditation practice. Yes ! today, 14th October, 2012 is the 3rd day of my Quantum Method meditation course (351th Batch). Gurujee taught us total six nice meditations today and the last one […]

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Quantum Method Meditation course – 2nd day

From 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, today (Saturday, 13th October, 2012) was the 2nd class of the Quantum Method meditation course (351th batch) that I am doing. Class started in the morning as usual at 9.00 am (sharp time), Almost 90% of the participants were attend before the class get started. Just like yesterday, every […]

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351th batch of Quantum Method Meditation – 1st day

Hello Readers ! I was unable to write any post in last two days. I was little bit busy with some other tasks of mine. Wednesday I went to Comilla City (my home district), 97 KM far from Dhaka City. I returned last night. Anyway, today is Friday, 12th October, 2012 – 1st day of […]

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Quantum Method – The Science of Living

“Quantum Method is the science of well being. It starts with helping us change our attitude. The new attitude gives birth to new dendrites, i.e. new connecting paths between the neurons in our brain. The brain becomes active and vibrant. The new working structure of the brain gives birth to new thoughts, words and deeds. […]

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What is Meditation ?

What is Meditation actually ? Meditation is a regular practice (relaxation process) of mind for any individuals which induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefits (physical, mental, spiritual or others). Meditation is a sort of some instructions provided by a trainer (the trainer must be expert in meditation). It can be define in […]

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