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I work so Hard but still I can’t do Well !

If this is true, then the gap between your effort and your result is probably caused by the exam. May be you are not performing well enough in the exams. Find out what you are doing wrong. Is your handwriting bad? Do you make spelling and grammar mistakes? Do you memorize the material without properly […]

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My Parents Don’t Understand Me !

‘My parents do not understand me!’ ‘They do not love me!’ They don’t give me any freedom!’ ‘They want to suffocate me with rules and regulations!’ – These are the complaints we usually have about our parents. In some cases, these complaints are reasonable. Sometimes parents do force their own opinions on their children. Sometimes […]

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I Don’t Like Studying !

I don’t like studying! Likes lots of other students, I also had the same attitude about study when I was a student. But now the attitude has changed a lot but I am not a student now. If you don’t like studying, you probably don’t really understand WHY you need to study. You are studying […]

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Taking the First Step – Mahajataq

Dear Readers, This article is another my favorite writing from Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq the Pioneer of famous Meditation Technique “Quantum Method”. For more articles of Mahajataq’s please visit the website of the Quantum Method Foundation. You can also read other writings of him, just take a look at the below of the post […]

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