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Be a Good Student – Follow the FIVE Things !

The first boy or girl in your class is not necessarily the brightest. S/he just has the right attitudes and habits. By changing your attitudes and habits, you can be first in your class as well. 1. Believe, really believe, you can have good results too: Remember the ugly duckling? He was the child of […]

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I Don’t Like Studying !

I don’t like studying! Likes lots of other students, I also had the same attitude about study when I was a student. But now the attitude has changed a lot but I am not a student now. If you don’t like studying, you probably don’t really understand WHY you need to study. You are studying […]

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10 Tips for Students for Better Exam

Hello, Are you a student? I was a student too and I know what is Exam! And what is the fear about exam! Anyway, the Ten tips for students in this post to do better in Exams are from the Pioneer of the famous meditation technique “Quantum Method”, Gurujee Shahid El-Bukhari Mahjataq. These tips will […]

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More Concentration on your Study

My Study, My Happiness. This is a very good saying. But unfortunately, only a few boys or girls in the whole class can say this and rest of them are unable to say this kind or Saying. That is because they don’t find enjoyment or pleasure in their studies. They always study to pass the […]

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