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FIVE Characteristics of a Loser

We are all born with the potential to be successful, why aren’t we? What turns us into a loser? Below are some basic characteristics that turn us as looser in the society. Negative Attitude: A young man was engrossed in deep meditation in a forest. His sole purpose was to gain God’s satisfaction. He had […]

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I am under too much Stress !

Hello Readers, How are you ? I read a free online E-book today about Stress Management and found some useful tools that could help a lots of people like me who are really getting attacked by Stress as a daily basis! STRESS is really really bad, cause I have my own real practical experiences about […]

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How can we get relief from Tension or Strees ?

What is Tension ? What is Stress ? What is the Definition of Tension and Stress ? How can we get relief from these ? Is there any easy and effective way that we can get relief from these type of Mental Disaster ? These are the most terrible disaster in our personal life than […]

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