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Ground Zero – The Principle of Success

Our Liberation War (Bangladesh in 1971) is the most glorious episode in our national history. Not only we did attain our independence amazingly quickly, but we set an example of unity, compassion and sacrifice that was unprecedented. Yet, immediately after the war was over, the picture was starkly different. The nation that was together striving […]

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You can Do it too !

Once upon a time there was a small peaceful village. The villagers were very well off. They had land full of crops, farms full of cattle. Their yards were full of poultry. In such a house, once a hen hatched several eggs. When the chickens came out, surprisingly a bizarre looking creature was also with […]

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10 Tips for Students for Better Exam

Hello, Are you a student? I was a student too and I know what is Exam! And what is the fear about exam! Anyway, the Ten tips for students in this post to do better in Exams are from the Pioneer of the famous meditation technique “Quantum Method”, Gurujee Shahid El-Bukhari Mahjataq. These tips will […]

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Guided Imagery or Goal Visualization or Monchhobi

Birds start flying from his nest in the morning and in the evening a bird reaches its destination or come back to its own home by flying on its wings. You can also reach the root of your success by flapping the wings of your visualization (monochobi)! The word Monchobi (in bangla) which is called […]

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Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 14

This is the 14th post about positive attitude quotes collection from the autosuggestions collection of Mahajataq, the pioneer of Quantum Method meditation course in Bangladesh. I am going to post another six (total twenty) post of positive attitude quotes in this blog. When I give someone a responsibility I also give him the necessary authority. […]

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Self Development Tools to Achieve Goal !

I have started this blog on 3rd October, 2012. I am trying to posting on this blog what I am learning and understanding from various study and research. Since I am maintaining some blogs, I need to read lots of blogs, books / e-books, trying to read whatever I get in my hand related to […]

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