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Be Happy with What You Have

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most influential composers of all time, was born in Germany in 1770. In his childhood, he had to suffer the harsh treatment of his alcoholic and ill-tempered father. The pianist father attempted to exploit his son as a child prodigy and taught him day and night. Beethoven was often […]

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Meditation Changes the Structure of Human Brain

Hello Readers, How are you today ? Wish this post is going to help you a little ! What makes us the way we are ? Why each of us is unique ? What makes some of us introspective and others outgoing; some of us pragmatic and others dreamy; some of us careful about every […]

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is it Half Full or Half Empty ?

Dear readers, Another interesting topic is the subject of this post. On a cold winter morning, Mr. Ahmed was waiting for the bus he usually takes to work, wondering whether he should take a Rickshaw instead of bus. As he idly glanced this way and that, his eyes fell upon a man coming towards him […]

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10 Steps or Tips to Live a Stress Free Happy Life

Dear Readers, Maximum part of the article has been taken from the collection of Mahajataq’s articles. I like his writing, the positivity and the examples he usually put in his writings are definitely help me to understand the meaning. 10 common and easy tips to get free from Stress. Peoples around the world are suffering […]

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How do I find Peace ?

How do I find Peace ? Where is Peace ? What is Peace ? We all are looking for these type of Answers in our life daily. How many peoples were able to achieved or found the peace ? What is the meaning of the word “Peace” ? What we need to do to find […]

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