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10 Steps or Tips to Live a Stress Free Happy Life

Dear Readers, Maximum part of the article has been taken from the collection of Mahajataq’s articles. I like his writing, the positivity and the examples he usually put in his writings are definitely help me to understand the meaning. 10 common and easy tips to get free from Stress. Peoples around the world are suffering […]

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How can we get relief from Tension or Strees ?

What is Tension ? What is Stress ? What is the Definition of Tension and Stress ? How can we get relief from these ? Is there any easy and effective way that we can get relief from these type of Mental Disaster ? These are the most terrible disaster in our personal life than […]

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Why I named this Blog LIGHTS FOR HOPELESS !

This blog has started its journey on 3rd October, 2012. I made my first post on that day. At the starting the Title was “Meditation“. The URL link was Two posts were published under that title. On 5th October, 2012 I changed the Title and URL of the of the blog and published the […]


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