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Tips for Time Management

In the 21st century, it’s very difficult for many of us to manage our daily time schedule, cause every day we need to do lots of works. Without proper maintaining of the time we can’t give a smooth finishing to all our duties. The basic tips about Time Management could help us a little in […]

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You can Do it too !

Once upon a time there was a small peaceful village. The villagers were very well off. They had land full of crops, farms full of cattle. Their yards were full of poultry. In such a house, once a hen hatched several eggs. When the chickens came out, surprisingly a bizarre looking creature was also with […]

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We can Live more than 100 Years !

Dear Readers,How are you ? Due to some personal reasons, I was unable to make regular posts in my blog in last week. Sorry for that. Today I am going to share you another my favorite, interesting and realistic Article by the Pioneer of the famous Meditation method “Quantum Method” in Bangladesh. How long will […]

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