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Know why You will Live !

To enjoy your life fully and happily you need to know the reason for which you are living. If you can have contained a clear picture of the reason you want to live it will get easy for you to overcome the simple roadblocks towards your reason/dream. But if we ask a very straight question […]

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Meditation Changes the Structure of Human Brain

Hello Readers, How are you today ? Wish this post is going to help you a little ! What makes us the way we are ? Why each of us is unique ? What makes some of us introspective and others outgoing; some of us pragmatic and others dreamy; some of us careful about every […]

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PROGGA JALALI – A Program about Wisdom and to be Wise !

Today I attended in a regular monthly Spiritual workshop / program organized by Quantum Foundation. Started at 9.00 am, Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq presented the whole workshop till 4.15 pm. At the starting Majee Nahar El Bukhari started the event with a relaxation meditation. Today was the 1st part of the 10-parts series program […]

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